NEW Music & Lyric Video for I Will Carry You

EXCITING!!! My new music/lyric video is here! ​
 "I Will Carry You" is a very personal song about my life as a woman, but I think it transcends gender, and I hope that you can relate to the particulars that I present in each verse, as well as the overall theme of carrying others and being a voice for those who need one. I find that there's no greater comfort than feeling "at home," and it's especially important in these times to reiterate and celebrate what "home" means. Thanks again to Meg Quisenberry of Sector8 Films for all of this amazing work, you really help me bring my stories to life! Thanks to my friends/musicians who performed with me at Brothers Lounge​ this past August; Meg was filming, you are in the video, too bad. haha! Please share if you like it! :)

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